Children's Jewellery Parties

Children's Jewellery Parties


Create a colourful necklace and memory wire bracelet. In this party package, learn how to set out a pattern, simple stringing and clasp and crimp technique. Lots of lovely beads to choose from, perfect for a creative group.

Age 5 - 8
£10 per person


Add a bit of glamour to your beaded necklace and memory wire bracelet by choosing a gorgeous heart or butterfly pendant to complement your design. Learn how to set out a pattern, simple stringing and clasp and crimp technique.  (Pendants can be different depending on stock levels)

Age 5 - 10
£14 per person


A fantastic technique to learn. Working with polymer clay is great fun. (Grown up playdoh) We will start with choosing and mixing our colours, rolling out our required thickness and hand molding our bow shape. A mini oven is provided to bake the clay bows for 30 minutes, allowing perfect time to make the chain and clasp. Children will at no time be near or operating the oven. Please do not hesitate to ask for more information on this activity.

Age 9 - 16
£15 per person


Learn how to make a zig zag bracelet. Huge array of crystals and pearls to choose from. Let your creativity flow and design a colourful double stranded bracelet. Learn how to set out a pattern, two strand stringing and clasp and crimp technique.

Age 8 - 16
£15 per person


Design your own unique flower garden charm bracelet. Choose from a huge array of colourful beads, crystals and pearls. Learn the technical skill of wire looping and fill your bracelet with lots of lovely charms.

Age 10 - 16
£18 per person


Create and design a beautiful pendant from a large array of gemstones and crystals. This party lets the girls express their creativity and flair for fashion. Learning techniques such as wire wrapping, specific use of tools and using headpins.

Age 12 - 16
£20 per person