Beauelle - Est. 2010

Hello, My name is Rachel, designer, maker, administrator and everything in between at Beauelle.  I started my business in 2010 at the youthful age of 19.  Back then the business was branded ‘Jewellery designs by Rachel’ (Oh so original).  I rebranded in 2011 and Beauelle was born.  Always being creative, I used to make weird and wonderful one off pieces, exploring all types of materials and experimenting with everything and anything I could get my hands on (I even made a necklace with wooden curtain hoops…don’t ask).  Presently, everything (thankfully) is made with polymer clay. 


I have always adored jewellery, there's no better feeling than making something and wearing it.  My second love in life is home interior and naturally, I was drawn in the direction of playing with larger slabs of clay and experimenting with bigger forms.  In 2017 I launched my home ware range with Beauelle.  I continue to create new designs and push the boundaries with what can be achieved with this fascinating medium.


All my jewellery and home ware collections are made from my home studio in Aberdeenshire.  You can be assured you are buying a high quality product that has been made with care, in addition to supporting an independent business at the same time.


For a more in depth look at how my pieces are created follow Beauelle on instagram